Ever think of how your beauty habit impacts the earth? Many of your favourite lotions and potions come in containers that are made of plastic that is hard to recycle, i.e. it’ll probably end up in already overflowing landfills. Here are a few beauty brands that reward you for doing your bit.


The iconic little black pots are already made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and if you collect five and return them to store, clean and washed, you’ll be rewarded with a free fresh face mask.


The aim of this proudly South African brand is to replace single-use packaging with packaging that is functional, reusable or recyclable. The range is packaged in recyclable glass that the brand will recycle for you. All you have to do is collect five bottles and drop them an email. They will gladly come and collect them from you. Also good to note, their Everyday Cream and Oil-Milk Cleansers are refillable, will refills offered at a discount.


Probably one of the best-known and most loved recycling programmes, Back-to-MAC, allows you to return six empty MAC containers to store and you’ll get you a free lipstick of choice.


For each empty full-size Kiehl’s product you return to a store you receive a stamp. Collect 10 stamps and you get 75 ml of their iconic Crème De Corps Body Lotion as a gift. 


This gorgeous brand not only uses PET recycled containers, recycled packaging and print their labels on recycled paper, but they also encourage you to return your clean and empty jars to their stores in Cape Town and Durban. They then autoclave the jars to sterilize them to a surgical standard for reuse. But it gets better: for each jar returned the brand donates R1 to CleanC, a non-profit that uses donations towards employment, education and environmental initiatives.


A new local initiative by this global brand allows you to return plastic containers to their stores and for each bottle returned you get R20 off your next purchase. Watch this space for even more new and exciting initiatives that will launch very soon.


Another local brand that proudly uses recyclable packaging and allows you to bring empty containers back to their blending house in Woodstock where they will lovingly refill them with your favourite product, plus give you a R10 discount on it.

Sustainable beauty is more complex than you’d think

Sustainable beauty is more complex than you’d think

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Meet Nina Skalstad from EIR

Meet Nina Skalstad from EIR

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