From packaging to ingredients, here are five of our favourite sustainable beauty brands doing a world of good

This is never going to be a perfect list, but rather a collection of brands that are moving in the right direction. They don’t all tick every box, but they do all have a commitment to furthering sustainability within the beauty industry and for this, we salute them. 

 1. REN

We didn’t think we could love REN any more than we already do… And then they went and made a commitment to be waste-free by 2021. The goal is for all of their packaging to be 100% recycled, recyclable and reusable. They have also pledged their support to help clean the world’s oceans by partnering with the likes of Surfers Against Sewage and Plastic Patrol, all while using recycled ocean plastic in their packaging. 

We love: REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic 



Besides being one of the most well-known and loved cruelty-free brands out there, they are leading the way in the naked trend. Lush reckons that half of its products can be taken home without any packaging. About 90% of the packaging is created from recycled materials including paper and plastic that is 100% post consumer recycled. The brand also has a strict no animal testing policy and great care is taken in not buying raw materials from companies that are in any way or form associated with testing on animals. 

We love: American Cream Pressed Conditioner 


 The founder and creator of Afari Skincare, Margaux Knuppe, wanted to create a skincare range that not only addressed her skincare needs, with as few products as possible (because less is more), but also have a positive impact on others. The goal is that the skincare you use every day should not only make a difference in your life, but at a grassroots level too. Each Afari product sold promises to directly benefit the women harvesting the plants in rural Limpopo (you can read about each of the women and their dreams on the website) and as an Afari customer you keep the cycle of upliftment flowing. Afari is a skin-friendly brand that uses no mineral oils, petro-chemicals, silicones, synthetic dyes or parabens and is also cruelty-free.  

We love the: Afari Priming Cleanser


This classic French beauty prides itself on a history of zero plastic bags in-store policy long before it became fashionable and boasts a recycling program that has been going since the 90s. Changes like reducing the thickness of packaging has already saved tonnes of plastic and by 2025 the goal is to have all their bottles made of 100% recycled plastic and all stores to offer recycling worldwide. 

We love: L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil 




Even before environmental awareness was of the most talked about trends in beauty world, this Italian hair care brand was already at it. Established in 1983 it had sustainability at its heart with a commitment to improving the world around it. Last year the brand unveiled its new HQ, Davines Village, featuring a host of inspiring sustainable initiatives, two of which includes being single-use plastic-free and is entirely powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources. Another feather in its cap is having achieved carbon neutrality for packaging production in 2018.  

We love: Davines Your Hair Assistant Silkening Oil Mist 

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