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About us

We’re a tech startup, here to help you reduce your carbon footprint through our tools, our recommendations and through you – our community. A MIRIS initiative.

Your lifestyle choices, from transportation to diet, impact the climate. But how do you know the size of your carbon footprint? And where do you even begin to make a change? This is where we come in. 

First up: our quiz. We worked with quantitative analysts to develop a quiz that will estimate your carbon footprint in five areas: energy, transport, food, consumption and investments.

We’ll email you your scores and suggestions tailored specifically to you, so you can start to make easy changes. You can retake the quiz anytime to see how much you’ve improved and receive more customised advice.

You can also read more about sustainable living, eating, fashion and beauty here on our site, and chat to other people about their sustainability journeys on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

We look forward to bringing you new ways to help the planet.

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